Possible textbook

April 16, 2008

We’re still in the middle of negotiations to get copies of Boyer’s Concepts in Biochemistry textbook for you this summer. We’ll keep you posted, but we should have a definite answer by tomorrow or Friday. Ballpark cost is P1,500. If you haven’t shopped for a textbook yet, please hold off buying a text, in case the supplier can bring the books in. For those who got other books, don’t worry, those are useful too. We hope the handouts help you in finding the topics to read in the particular textbook that you have.


Set 2 Handout- Protein Structure

April 15, 2008

Handout for Protein Structure lectures now available on the Downloads and Links site.

2008.04.14: Set 1 Handouts (Chemistry Review)

April 14, 2008

A PDF version of the Chemistry Review presentation is available on the downloads page. You might want to check it out.


[Biochem Summer 2008] Welcome to the site!

April 11, 2008

Welcome to the official ADMU Biochemistry Class blog!

Announcements common to all current Biochemistry classes will be posted here on the main page.  Specific announcements may also be placed here with tags of your teachers’ names [NRLR] or [DPP].  You may also check the specific pages for any specialized announcements.