Transum participants

Ms Rutth Gerochi has informed us that there are Manila options for the transum fieldwork. These would allow you to attend our CH 151 classes in the morning.  So please note the following:

  1. Any absence due to the fieldwork will be counted towards your allowance of 6 cuts. Going over 6 cuts means automatic withdrawal without permission from the course. Arrival after attendance is checked is considered a cut. So you may opt to use your cuts for the fieldwork if  you have perfect attendance so far.
  2. Note however that the absence is NOT excused, so make-up work will NOT be given. Any points for quizzes, recitation, exercises, and other class activities are forfeited. If you are absent, please make sure that your grades can take the hit.
  3. As always, class notes will be posted so you can track what’s going on in class.

Have a fruitful field experience!

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