2008.09.22. Guide for Nucleic Acid Exam

Based on Boyer, Rodney (2006) Concepts in Biochemistry 3rd Edition. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Chapter 10: Nucleic Acids and DNA

  1. RNA and DNA Chemical Structures
  2. DNA Structural Elements
  3. RNA Structural Elements
  4. Cleavage of DNA and RNA by Nucleases
  5. Nucleic Acid-Protein Complexes

Chapter 11. Biosynthesis of DNA and RNA: Replication and Transcription

  1. Replication of DNA
  2. Action of DNA Polymerases
  3. DNA Damage and Repair–not in detail
  4. Synthesis of RNA
  5. Post-transcriptional Modification of RNA
  6. Base Sequences in DNA

Chapter 12. Protein Synthesis and the Genetic Code

  1. The Process of Protein Synthesis
  2. Three Stages of Protein Synthesis
  3. Post-translational Processing of Proteins (not for now, since we talked about it in proteins, but make sure you review this for the final exam)
  4. Regulation of Protein Synthesis and Gene Expression

Chapter 13. Biotechnology: Recombinant DNA and Gene Therapy

  1. Recombinant DNA Technology
  2. Preparing Recombinant DNA
  3. DNA Amplification by the Polymerase Chain Reaction
  4. Applications of Recombinant DNA Technology (skim through only for now)

Don’t forget the reports coming up later today! They will be part of the exam on Monday, September 29.

Also, check out the links and downloads page for additional enrichment– the molecular visualization links should be helpful. Too bad we don’t have time for bioinformatics in class, but you can explore some of the links on your own.

It seems that Eid is on October 2. So, please get ready to stay on September 29 til about 9 pm for the last set of reports, unless the reporters would prefer to meet up on another evening or Saturday.

See you in class!



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