Ch 151 2014-2015 sem 2 (archived)

Recommended Problems to Solve in Pratt & Cornely 2/E

23 March 2015, Monday, 4:30-7:30 pm, C-109: Ch 151 FINALS (comprehensive)

  • You may bring with you one (1) sheet (you can use both sides of the sheet) of notes to help you.
  • Monday, 23 March: Posting of scores outside Schmitt Hall C-115. Please bring your old papers on Monday in case we made a mistake in encoding your score. You may also get your LE4 and other remaining papers from your instructors.
    • A
    • B+ (may take final exam at no risk to try for an A)
  • LQ3 results summary:
    • profile: max = 94.0%, mean = 74.3±10.5%, median = 75.0%, min = 47.0%
    • letter grade profile: A = 1; B+ = 1; B = 16; C+ = 3; C = 10; D = 8; F = 3
    • Overall good performance by the class. Keep the upward trend for the finals!

18 March 2015, Wednesday:  Review for Finals

16 March 2015, Monday: Long Exam 3: Carbs to Metab

  • Chapters 11-13, with more emphasis on 11 and 12, and 13 used as an example to illustrate principles from Chapter 12.
  • Make sure you know how to draw out and connect your carbs.
  • Make sure you remember the key organic functional groups and how some of them are related to each other by oxidation or reduction.

11 March 2015, Wednesday: Problem solving

9 March 2015, Monday: Chapter 13: Glucose metabolism (and beyond: overview of catabolism)

4 March 2015, Wednesday: Chapter 12: Introduction to Metabolism; Due date for creative project (Ch 251: Paper)

2 March 2015, Monday: Carbohydrates;Chapter 12: Introduction to Metabolism;

23 February 2015, Monday: Chapter 11, Carbohydrates

  • Exercise: Carbohydrate contorsionists (continue at home, due Monday, 2 March): Carb-contorsionists.pdf. Hint: There are 20 possible gal+glu combos, with 1,1 having 4 possible: alpha, alpha; alpha, beta; beta, alpha; beta, beta.

18 February 2015, Wednesday:

  • Discussion of 2nd Long Exam
  • Pointers for studying Chapter 11: Carbohydrates

16 February 2015, Monday:

  • 2nd Long Exam (Chapters 8-10)
  • Due date for group members and concept for creative project (Ch 251: Paper topic and key papers)

11 February 2015, Wednesday: Problem Solving (recitation)

9 February 2015, Monday: Signaling (Chapter 10 of  Pratt & Cornely 2/E)

  • Quiz: Structure of a DAG with arachidonic acid and stearic acid side chains
  • Signal transduction
  • Link to Kevin Ahern’s Metabolic Melodies: (we used “Energy” to the tune of “Let It Be” as an example of signaling in class)

4 February 2015, Wednesday: Membrane Transport Part II: Active Transport and Membrane Fusion (Chapter 9 of  Pratt & Cornely 2/E)

  • Quiz: Structure of a glycerophospholipid with linoleic and palmitic chains and choline
  • Link to example of ATP and energy due to gradients: ATP Synthase from Molecular Cell Biology by Lodish et al. <> (not official video– please see the CD that comes with the book for original)
    • I also found this animation from the Medical Research Council (UK), but it emphasizes the ATP synthesis part and not the gradient part (mainly because the structural aspects are more known): <>
  • Link to example of membrane fusion: HIV life cycle <>

28 January 2015, Wednesday: Membrane Transport Part I: Passive Transport (Chapter 9 of  Pratt & Cornely 2/E)

  • Quiz: Structure of arachidonic acid

26 January 2015, Monday: Lipids and Membranes (Chapter 8 of Pratt & Cornely 2/E)

21 January 2015, Wednesday: Lipids (Chapter 8 of Pratt & Cornely 2/E)

5 January 2015, Monday: Hello to a fresh batch of students (second semester 2014-2015)!

  • Please contact Dr. Olivia Erin Buenafe for her part of the course.


11 June, Monday

13 June, Wednesday:

  • Origin of Life (see yahoogroups for accompanying text)
  • Review of basic concepts (Chapter 1/2)
  • Submit assignments if ready

18 June, Monday:

  • Assignments due (see 11 June)
  • Quiz on general and organic chemistry
  • Chapter 1 of Pratt & Cornely 2/E
  • Start of Chapter 2 of Pratt & Cornely 2/E

20 June, Wednesday:

  • Chapter 2 of Pratt & Cornely 2/E

25 June, Monday:

  • Start Chapter 3 of Pratt & Cornely 2/E: From genes to proteins (anatomy of DNA:DNA, DNA: RNA pairing and the double helix)
  • Exercise on drawing a snapshot of transcription (5 points): Activity01_NucleicAcidPairs_Pratt-A4.pdf

27 June, Wednesday:

  • Chapter 3 (continued): higher order structure, the central dogma, genomics

2 July, Monday:

4 July, Wednesday:

9 July, Monday:

  • Chapter 4. Protein structure- higher order structure and some techniques
  • Pretend proteomics activity  (see July 4 for instructions)

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