Ch 151 2015-2016 sem 1 (archive)

Recommended Problems to Solve in Pratt & Cornely 2/E

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Ch 151-A. 2015-2016 semester 1. (most recent on top)

7 Dec 2015, M, 7:30-10:30 am, C-114. Final examination

4 Dec 2015, F: Make up class to review for final exam

2 Dec 2015, W: 3rd Long Exam

===(materials and announcements are on Google Classroom===

2 Sep 2015, W: Chapter 4: Protein Structure to Chapter 5: Protein Function; due date for polypeptides exercises (download from Google Classroom)

31 Sep 2015, M: National Heroes Day (no classes)

26 Aug 2015, W: Chapter 4: Protein Structure

24 Aug 2015, M: Chapter 3: From Genes to Proteins; due date for Nucleic Acid Structure exercises (download from Google Classroom)

19 Aug 2015, W: Quezon City Day (no classes)

17 Aug 2015, M: Chapter 3: From Genes to Proteins (transcription and translation exercise)

14 Aug 2015, F, 11:59 pm. Due date for Student Profile Sheet via TurnItIn or Google Classroom (see above). NO REGULAR CLASS DUE TO FACULTY DAY

12 Aug 2015, W. Quiz and quick review of Chapter 2

10 Aug 2015, M. Welcome and introduction to the course; quick review of Chapter 1


Previous classes: See Ch 151 archives for schedules from the previous semesters.

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