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Ch 151-A+B+C. 2015-2016 semester 2, Amihan Term, January to May 2016. (most recent on top)

Save the dates!

FINAL EXAM: 2016 May 17, Tuesday, 4:00-7:00 pm at CTC-105. Exam and feedback session. Please bring #2 pencil and eraser and calculator as usual!

2016 May 12, Thursday: Wrap up of course

2016 May 10, Tuesday: A brief look at Chapter 10, Signaling via the example of the beta adrenergic receptor

2016 May 5, Thursday: Wrap up of Chapter 12: Introduction to metabolism

2016 May 3, Tuesday: Exam 3:  6:30-8:00 pm. Escaler Hall (graduating seniors‘ final exam: denominator is 80 instead of 100)

2016 April 29: Due date for projects: 5:00 pm if physical object, 11:59 pm via Google Classroom if electronic.

2016 April 28, Thursday:  Chapter 12: Metabolism

2016 April 26, Tuesday: Chapter 11: Carbohydrates

  • Carb contorsionists activity sheet due class time.

2016 April 21, Thursday:  Chapter 11: Carbohydrates: basic structure and the glycosidic bond

2016 April 19, Tuesday:  Chapter 9: Active transport and membrane fusion

2016 April 14, Thursday:  Chapter 9: Passive transport

  • Return of Long Exam 2

2016 April 12, Tuesday:  Chapter 8:  Beyond the fluid mosaic: Fences and pickets by Kusumi et al. video; Chapter 9 introduction with membrane potential

2016 April 7, Thursday:  Chapter 8: Build a membrane

2016 April 5, Tuesday: Exam 2:  6:30-8:00 pm, Ch 109 and SEC C201 (2 venues)

  • Enzymes (Chapters 6, 7): But you need to know previous chapters to make sense of these.
  • Lipid structure and function (only Chapter 8.1 BUT including the handout from Boyer, which puts in more detail than Pratt 8.1)
  • As you probably noticed from the last exam, the activities and class discussions are important, and so are the exercises in the book.
  • BRING PENCILS, GOOD ERASERS, CALCULATORS and LONG RULERS! Graph paper similar to the one used in class will be provided.
  • Papers with missing or wrong or incomplete or improperly filled up name, ID number, and Form Letter cannot be graded and will not be earn any points.
    • Abulencia to Manlutac – Schmitt Hall Ch-109
    • Marchadesch to Villa-Real – SEC C-201

2016 Mar 31: Chapter 8: Lipid structure and function (only a part of Chapter 8)

  • See Google Classroom for activity sheets homework due today.

2016 Mar 29: Friday schedule (no Ch 151 class)

2016 Mar 17, Thu: Chapter 7:  Enzyme inhibition

  • Example:  inhibition of HIV enzymes
  • Homework on lipid structure due March 31.

2016 Mar 15, Tue: Chapter 7:  Enzyme kinetics

  • Exercise for enzyme kinetics (Lineweaver-Burk transform)

2016 Mar 10, Thu: Chapter 6: Enzymes I

2015 Mar 8, Tue: Chapter 6: Enzymes I

  • What are enzymes; basic chemical strategies of enzymes

2015 Mar 3, Thu: 1st Long Exam. Chapters [1,2] 3,4,5.

  • Abulencia to Manlutac at Ch-109 (our regular classroom)
  • Marchadesch to Villa-Real at SOM 111

2015 Mar 1, Tue: Chapter 5 (examples of proteins and how they work): Oxygen-binding proteins

2016 February 23, Tue: Chapter 5: Examples of proteins and how they work

2016 February 18, Thu: End of Chapter 4

2016 February 16, Tue: Chapter 4: Amino acids and proteins

  • Continuation of Activity 5: virtual gel (don’t forget to bring your worksheets!!!)
  • Activity 6: Finding and drawing the peptide bond and H-bonds in alpha helices and beta sheets (continue at home and submit on Thu, Feb 18). See Google Classroom for PDF copy.

2016 February 11, Thu: Chapter 4: Amino acids and proteins

  • Activity 5 (in class): Isoelectric point and protein molecular weight – see Google Classroom for copies of the worksheet

2016 February 9, Tue: Chapter 4: Amino acids and proteins

  • Return of Activity 2, 3 worksheets; ID photos
  • Quiz on Chapter 3 (20 points)
  • Activity 4 (in class) on amino acids and the nitty-gritty of their structures and properties (coloring book time again!) – see Google Classroom for copies of the worksheet

2016 February 4, Thu: Wrap up Chapter 3 (from genes to proteins)

2016 February 2, Tue: No classes due to faculty day part 2

2016 January 28, Thursday: The nitty gritty of nucleic acid structure (section 3-1).

2016 January 26, Tuesday: The start of real biochemistry: Chapter 3: From genes to proteins

2016 January 22, Friday: Faculty Day: No regular classes but electronic photos are due by email and profile sheets are due via, subject to late penalties.

2016 January 21, Thursday: Review of organic chemistry; Chapter 1: The Chemical Basis of Life

  • Physical ID photos due today, class time.
  • Quiz #1 on organic functional groups (10 points)
  • Chapter 2: Aqueous Chemistry:

2016 January 19, Tuesday: Introduction to the course

  • Homework 1A (5 points): Student Profile Sheet due via January 22, Friday, 11:59 pm (see syllabus for Google Classroom class code– you need to use your Ateneo account).
  • Homework 1B (5 points): ID photo via email to your instructor by 22 January 2016, Friday, 11:59 pm or hardcopy by class time on Thu, Jan 21. The usual late penalties apply but no late photos will be entertained shortly after the start of class time on Tuesday, Jan. 26.


Previous classes: See Ch 151 archives for schedules from the previous semesters.

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